"Avalon Legend maintains a high enough level of creativity (Sir Lancelot is a machinegun!!) and a well balanced, diverse and mostly intuitive control scheme to keep both casual and hard-core gamers coming back to best their previous attempts, and though in the battle with the Arthur’s psyche, you can never really win, this is still a war worth waging."
  - XBLIGR (Read the full review from XBLIGR here).

"The trial version of the game is well worth playing, if you like the trial you will definitely enjoy the full game."

"The game is presented well, the tutorials are very helpful and a journal and gallery is included which is unlocked via an award type system such as defeating a number of enemies, gaining scores and using knights."
  -  (Read the full review here)

"I thought the graphics were simple but effective, and the overall gameplay was fun - I do think the topdown perspective is a good one that more people should use for games. At its heart it's a frantic Geom Wars-style shooter..." - IGF 2010 Judge

"... I did appreciate the frantic pace of the play, and attempts at variation through the different systems..."
 - IGF 2010 Judge

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