Innovative Control Scheme:
Avalon Legend is built upon a refreshing and unique control scheme that allows players to control up to 2 characters simultaneously, each one assigned to “one-half” of the controller in a “single-player co-op game.”

Deep Metaphorical Overtone:
Set with a metaphorical overtone, players will be probed to ponder upon the deeper meaning behind the elements in the game, as both the main character and the player alike embark on their journey toward discovering the meaning of “Avalon”.

Unique Game Mechanics:
Learn to take control of 2 characters simultaneously over two different modes - Attack Mode and Defence Mode – to cooperatively vanquish enemies in action-packed combat.

5 Playable Characters:
As Arthur the Exiled in a post-apocalyptic world, harness the powers of 4 different robotic companions, across 2 different modes for a combination of 8 different play-styles towards striving for the highest score.

9 Different Enemies:
Go up against 9 different types of deadly enemies, each with unique behaviour and weaknesses, based upon their metaphorical representations.

3 Different Game Modes:
Avalon Legend boasts 3 different Game Modes, in addition to an in-game tutorial, that allow players of different skill levels to pick-up-and-play Avalon Legend, and make it accessible to hardcore and mainstream gamers alike.

Replayability and Depth:
Strive for the highest score and learn to master the 8 different play-styles as well as utilizing the special abilities of each knight to fully take advantage of the deeper mechanics in the game, such as the “Enemy Weakness System” or the “Health Restoration System.”

Enchanting Artwork:
Be enthralled by the Stylized 3D Characters locked into an overhead 2D perspective with snazzy effects for that additional dazzle, giving life to the haunting and vacant landscape of post-apocalyptic Camelot.

Rewards System:
Featuring over 40 rewards unlocked by fulfilling special gameplay conditions. Discover the secret behind the meaning of Avalon Legend through the “Journals” or take the time to view and enjoy the conceptualizations of the different elements in Avalon Legend and find clues towards their metaphorical meanings in the “Gallery”.